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Thiết bị kiểm tra rò rỉ nước GSM Transmitter 3 Seba

Mã sản phẩm: GSM Transmitter 3
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Hãng SX: Seba
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Thiết bị kiểm tra rò rỉ nước
Model: GSM Transmitter 3
Hãng: Seba

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Patrolling noise and pressure loggers is time consuming and costly. The GSM Transmitter 3 (GT-3) can save you this trouble. It is designed to transmit data collected by noise and pressure loggers from the site to your office. Using GSM/GPRS, on site patrolling is no longer necessary. Save time, money and monitor your network from the office with the GT-3. 

Small and fully submersible, the GSM Transmitter 3 is specifically designed to fit into valve boxes and hydrant chambers. 

Up to three devices can be connected to the GSM Transmitter 3 - a benchmark in cost efficiency for GSM data transmission out of an underground chamber.

Offers remote data transmission
Fits even into small valve boxes
Uses field replaceable batteries
Is fully submersible
Operates Wireless
Carries data from up to three devices

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